Saturday, October 30, 2004

Short and Bitter

Which could describe either my blog entry today, or myself, whichever.
Ugh. Today went so absolutely well until about two hours after I smoked my last cigarette. Now I'm tired, cranky, tired, hateful, tired, and about to buy another pack first thing in the morning. Which pisses me off but I've got three days off coming up, and that seems like a much better time to quit than when I'm working eight hours, off for eight, in for eight, and out drinking it up all night.
Yeah, hooray for blogging when it helps you make slowly killing yourself seem like the logical thing to do.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Coffee and Surprises, but no Sunshine

Nothing starts a day off wrong like getting up when it’s dark out, after going to bed when… it’s… dark… out. Sigh. It’s hard to avoid getting up on the wrong side of the bed when it’s too dark to see which side’s which.
Somehow, regardless of this, today actually was really great. I got up at 6pm and was at the mall to surprise Joey by quarter to seven. Record time, especially when you factor in the bus ride, and the bus being late. Surprises seem to be Joey’s favourite thing, so he was pretty happy when I showed up at the end of his day. I bolted when his supervisor came along, even though she laughed at me and told me not to be so foolish and to wait inside.
I desperately needed coffee anyway, so I made a quick stop at Tim Hortons.
Speaking of which, I am SO SICK of people knocking Tim Hortons! I know it’s the cool thing to do, but let’s look at the facts:
1. The coffee is actually not that bad, at least in my opinion.
2. They’re distinctly Canadian. What kind of person are you if you’re knocking Tim Hortons all the time while you’re on your way to Starbucks?
You’re a TRAITOR! That’s what kind of person you are. Either that or a non-Canadian, in which case you may go about your business. But if you are Canadian, and you do prefer Starbucks over Tim Hortons, then you’re off my generic winter holiday gift list.
But I digress. Frequently. For the first time in over a year I went grocery shopping with a significant other. What an enjoyably domestic experience! We bought separate groceries but it was still a lot of fun. Groceries were followed by pizza making, by which of course I mean placing a pre-made pizza in the oven. Still good though. A little trash TV later and I was out the door and on the way to work.
Blogging today has taken on a new form, as I now have to write in Word and copy/paste into Blogger. I read on BBC News yesterday about a woman who works for Delta Airlines who got fired for blogging at work. Well actually it was because she posted a picture of herself looking kind of slutty in her Delta uniform on her blog, but that’s just plain stupid. Either way I’m choosing to be a bit more discrete.
Speaking of blogs, if you want to be truly horrified, check out my sister’s blog. It’s so gross that I actually can’t check it at work anymore. At least not until a certain picture is removed.
Also check out Crystal’s blog for her recounting of today’s acting performance.
Susan Lucci won’t even be nominated once the academy checks out this shit.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My How Passé!

Yawn. Terrible Halloween costume ideas all three. I however, have a fantastic, and simple idea. Not that I'll mention it here of course as that would ruin the surprise for certain government employees.
I tend to dislike Halloween because I always wait until the last possible second to come up with a costume idea, and then am dissatisfied with the result. This year of course is more of the same, except with a lot less caring involved. My mind set towards my costume: meh, who cares. My mind set towards Halloween: yeah, pressure-free fun! Besides, lots and lots of drinks will be served so I'm sure I won't be too self conscious for long.
The pirate tour was a bust. Joey and I got to Historic Properties and found out the tour consisted of three guys dressed in cheesy ghost costumes standing around in the cold having a smoke break. Thank you Halifax and your consistently piss poor tourist traps. We bailed and went on the long walk to forever through the south end, downtown, and along the waterfront. Actually the boardwalk was great as the tide was weirdly high and we actually got to listen to waves breaking on the rocks for a change. No tampon floaties either. Talk about your night for romance. Unfortunately I had to go to work but it was still a lovely evening overall.
Funny how this works but I spent ten minutes on the SMU campus the other day and am once again pumped at the prospect of going back to school. Also Crystal is expressing interest in going with me, which would be too cool for school. Or rather not, I suppose.
Had lunch with Pat today and discovered that you really aren't supposed to take multi-vitamins on an empty stomach. I spent the first half of the meal sitting there looking pale and shaking, not eating because my stomach was disolving itself. I'm told I was a whole world of fun to be sitting across from. Still ended up having fun though after I managed to get some food into me.
Did anyone else try to see the lunar eclipse tonight? What a ripoff. When the stupid clouds weren't covering the whole thing all it did was get slightly rust coloured for about a minute, and then it was over. How's that something to get excited about? I should sue ATV news for raising my expectations to an unreasonable level.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Pirates Yarr.

This could be fun. Could be. Hmmm.
Joey's taking us on a walking tour of historic properties, that I've been told may feature pirates. This sounds so unbearably touristy I could cry, but I'm going into it with an open mind. I freely admit that this is one of those things I'll do because I like making him happy, but I can't go into it with a neg attitude or he'll catch on right away. Could be fun. Maybe. I'll try having an open mind about it and see how that goes.
Could go.
Got back to Halifax (see Halisex, Whorifax, etc) after three days at home with ma and pa. Got two fantastic free restaurant meals, and equally enjoyable home cooking, and time with the parents and the dog. Good times were definitely had by me but oh god how ready was I to come back to Halifax. Land of vices and things to do and distinctly lacking in cows. How do you spell relief? Not C O W I can tell you that much.
Still, home's really relaxing and nostalgic and pretty. Not the town itself but our house is nice, so's the cottage, which mom and dad did a lot of work on. I laughed and said now there'd be so much less I had to do when they kicked it. I think dad found this funny, maybe not mom. Probably a little, knowing her. Got sweet Big Stop food, the only thing Irving's doing in this world that isn't damning them to eternal hellfires. Well it probably is, but I don't care. Go Big Stop! Woo!
I'm currently listening to The Tragedies right now, and it's entertaining me in that I've never heard a band say 'whores' so many times. Then again they are from halifax (whorifax, halisex, etc).
Apparently the Ling and Meags didn't get typhooned to death, but another girl Margaret got hit in the head with a DVD player during the last earthquake. She was in an electronics store 10miles from the epicentre. I hear that all the Japanese people will grab onto and cover any foreign looking people because they assume that you don't know what to do in an earthquake. Which is, as far as I'm concerned, a completely accurate assumption. I know Margaret was pretty grateful for this attitude. She was pretty pissed I guess as a major aftershock hit right after she had finally convinced herself it was okay to go to bed.
Is it wrong that I'm kind of jealous that I didn't get to experience an earthquake? Not that I want one here, our house and most of the buildings around here would turn into splinters at a remarkable pace. Still, what's more exciting than an earthquake? This is only an attitude someone living outside an earthquake zone could appreciate I realize, so please don't comment and rip me up for insensitivity. It ain't gonna happen here, so I can be as blasé as I want about it, got that? If you really want to get even make nasty comments about hurricaines. Honestly they're still weirdly exciting too, unless you get swept out to sea or a house falls on you. That'd be less than cool.
Still more exciting than pirates though.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Lazy, Lazy, Lazy Days of Fall

I hope somebody out there knows the song I bastardized for the title of today's blog. If not, sorry but you'll have to remain unenlightened for the time being.
My apologies to my (very) few faithful readers for my infrequent blogging, but I'm entitled. This was my birthday weekend so I don't feel too guilty about taking a few days off.
The festivities this year were pretty choice. Some key figures were missing due to sickness and death, literally for a change, but there was still a fine array of folks present. Lots of debauchery and indulgence, followed by some violence (in game form only, of course). All together we partied, danced, and drank for eight consecutive hours. No small accomplishment, if I may say so myself.
Great presents from Bri, Joey and others, including an unopened bottle of tequila in my fridge and some slight illegalities from Nicole. Bonne fete indeed.
Altogether we danced and drank and drank and danced for eight solid hours before heading off to bed, but not before I had a strange girl arrested and thrown in the drunk tank. I'd feel guilty about this but if you can't have drunk girls arrested on your birthday, when can you?
And, I got the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! I got the Golden Girls season one on DVD from Bri! It's not out until Nov. 23rd but I can wait a month for that. Oh Bea Arthur, we'll be together again soon...
Found out today that GFry is coming back from England/France/Germany on Saturday. Thankfully I'll be away in the homeland and won't have to worry about the state of rage my poor painting job in the kitchen might provoke. It'll be nice to see him again once he calms down though. Apparently the tour went really well in France after England's suckassery. I guess the French enjoy music to commit suicide to. Sorry G.
Also discovered today that southern Japan got hit by a huge typhoon, which makes me wonder about Meags and the Ling. Hopefully they're okay, I'll have to check out Ling's blog over the next few days to find out. Either that or wait for Meag's hourly email update. So far this makes one earthquake (in the first week, no less), many accounts of near death by bicycle, and possibly two typhoons.
Sure Meags, I'll come visit you real soon.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Juste Pour Rear

Hilarity! Craig called today to tell Bri and I that he had gotten two extra free tickets to the Just For Laughs comedy tour. I love comedy and have never been to see an actual big comedy show, so this was super fun. Obviously we accepted his offer, and we ended up meeting Craig and Laurae and his place. Grabbed a quick smoke and half a Danish beer there (love the Danes, and love their beer apparently) and cabbed it over to the Cohn.
OUR SEATS WERE IN THE THIRD FUCKING ROW! I realize we weren't seeing God in concert or anything but it was still very exciting. Unfortunately we didn't get to sit with Craig and Laurae, and I forgot to ask them afterwards how their seats were. If we got the better seats that sucks for them, expecially since it's Craig's birthday today.
Speaking of which, it's two days until my birthday! Or one now since it's technically after midnight. Apparently Bri has a wicked birthday gift for me, but it won't be here for another week or two. She refuses to tell me what it is until my birthday. Now I can see the logic in this, even though I won't be getting it until later, but I really want to know! I want presents! Lots of fun presents!
Got money from ma and pa, which was greatly appreciated, but not as much as the note inside. Mom wrote 'Have fun and celebrate with this, and don't even think of spending it on bills!'. Not that I would, but how cool are they to insist that I party on their money?
Maybe I'll buy some crack with it mom. Would you like that?
No, probably not.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Je suis Dennis McDevious

My lovely associate thinks that I am in the back office slaving over a backlog of paperwork. This was true up until about five minutes ago when I put on Icerberg radio. Funny how listening to your favorite Greenday tune from grade 8 (that's 8th grade for you finicky Americans out there) can completely dissolve your work ethic.
Not that I need much work ethic today. Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday of any hotel worker. After three or four months of high occupancy and cranky guests, this is the first weekend of the unofficial low season. Nobody travels to a business class hotel on the holidays, so this weekend is blissfully quiet. Add to that the fact that I brought cranberry herbal tea to work and my placidity level is way way up.
This relaxation could also have a lot to do with my aforementioned hiding out, or the fact that I finally did my laundry today. Things are bad when you pick up a pair of pants, do the sniff test, and realize that you just might have to wear jogging pants or boxer shorts outside today. Especially when it's chilly and rainy.
Speaking of chilly and rainy, the weather doesn't seem to be affecting me today. I don't think I really mind rainy days, just the cloudy, crappy grey ones. Rain is actually kind of nice. I love getting off work early in the AM and seeing a rainy, angry sky. Fast moving clouds are just neat.
Didn't get to see Joseph today, but just got reminded of him by way of a Sarah McLachlan (aka I hate Halifax cuz I'm petty) song. I know this is just pathetically clichéd for a gay couple, but she's sort of our relationship's house songstress. Not my fault or his, she's just been the person on the stereo both times we've gotten together. I'm surprised we didn't ditch her after the first time, but she doesn't seem to be a bad omen afterall.
Crystal's back from the south shore (bub) today, but I didnt' see her as I got her message too late. Turns out I missed movie night with Mr's Depp and Bloom. Curses and Death on that one. Instead Bri and I turned my bedroom into a psychiatry office and chatted for a bit. Also got to sit in my lazyboy for the first time since I moved. Sad that its' been covered in clothes and junk since Sept. 1st. The rest of my room's been okay, but I think everyone has that one piece of furniture that seems to have a magnetic affect on dirty clothes and unopened mail.
Is anybody out there studying this? Probably not, honestly physics students are so lazy.
Ugh. Can't write any more tonight. Madonna's on the radio now and nobody kills my creativity like her. Why do so many people think that all gay men love Madonna? That's almost as offensive as people who think we all love Barbara Streisand. What am I, 55? Should I be paying a lot more attention to London Life and Norwich Union commericals? Has anyone born after 1960 even seen Funny Girl? I haven't. I had to go to IMDB just to look up something she's been in!
I hope that debunks that myth once and for all.
Don't forget, no medical exam is neccessary!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Long Live the Queen. (Not)

I'm about to commit a gay man's cardinal sin. I am going to openly and proudly proclaim my hatred for bitchy queens. I've just had the extreme displeasure of having to throw a nasty drag queen and her boy toy out of my lobby. They weren't guests, and they were making out on the lobby couch so badly that we could hear it all the way over at the desk. When I asked them to knock it off and leave, I was told they were 'busy'.
Goddamn! I hate bitchy queens.
Anyway, some short tempered requests (the kind made with periods, not question marks) from me later, they vacated and now life is somewhat back to normal. Still I'm fixated on my latest obession: Why can't people just be civil? What's wrong with having a little manners, and maybe, just maybe, a tiny bit of class? Now I'm as big a fan of inappropriate behaviour as any other self respecting early 20's pot smoking left leaning secular queer. But come on, if somebody asks you nicely to please take it outside, don't be a bitchy queen about it. Just calmly and politely pick your clothes up off the floor and make your way home with a little dignity.
Speaking of bitchy queens, (I'll so die for that later ;) I finally got to spend some quality illness free time alone with Joey. He let me ramble on about my increasing desire to go back to school, and had lots of great feedback since he's a SMU alumn himself. And he cooked me dinner to boot. Not sure yet what terrible things he's been up to, although there must be something to account for all this lovely behaviour. Even the hounds were somewhat well behaved. Must be a new moon or something.
Bri visited me at work tonight, a rare and welcome occurance. Funny how I always yell at people that Halifax is safe to walk around after dark yet worry anytime she goes outside alone after 8pm. Must be because she's pretty small.
Today's been full of excitement. On the way to work I saw four Vote for Victor signs! And at work, I found out that Desperate Housewives is made by the same guy who made Golden Girls! And it stars Teri Hatcher, who I've loved since before it became apparent that I really shouldn't be into her. How can I not watch this show? Aside from the fact that I don't know when it's on and am probably working...
So annoyed! doesn't work! I'm still voting for him, but my confidence has been severely shaken.
Maybe the whole internet is down. I'll have to check with Bean.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Left out of the Right, and other bad jokes nobody gets

I'm sick to death of no one caring about politics! Contrary to apparently popular belief, gnorance is not bliss. I would like, someday, to have a political discussion with someone under the age of 75!
With that goal in mind, here are two blogs for you to check out. One gentleman I generally agree with. The other, in my humble opinion, is a complete whackjob. Feel free to guess who's who.

Read Inkless Wells
and then
Read Gay Patriot

Ali G and Sleeping With Firefighters

Bri, Joey and I were fully exposed to Da Ali G Show for the first time today. Definitely good times, but I have to say I'm not a big fan of Borat, the Kazakhstani TV personality. Funny, but not 'ha ha' funny. More than made up for though by the Ali G interviews.
An odd thing happened today at 1:30pm when there was a knock on my bedroom door. A very REM sleepy me mumbled some question and a man responded asking if 'we' could come in. While this sounds like the setup for a dream come true, it turned out to just be my landlord and some window measuring guy. This is super sweet in a very different way, as it looks like we might be getting new windows within the next two weeks! Our current ones are so old the glass is streaking, which I think only happens after a hundred years or so. Maybe this winter it will actually be colder outside the house than inside. Dare to dream.
I think I've decided for the time being to apply for school next September, rather than January. Given my university history it's probably best that I take my time and think it over first. Still I'm very excited to be considering school as a possibility again. I got an email from Dad warning me to be absolutely sure this time, which made me want to verbally destroy him despite his having a point. Didn't last long though as ended up writing him a nice letter back. I miss Dad a bunch lately, which is weird since we tend to get on each others nerves. We're way too much alike to spend too much time together.
Amanda and I are working together tonight and she's informed me that she's sleeping with a firefighter. Man, my jealousy knows no bounds! First name deleted due to stupid closetcaseness sleeps with a rickshaw runner, and now this! The only thing hotter than sleeping with a rickshaw runner or a fireman should be perfectly bloody obvious. I'll have to figure out a way to accomplish this so I can get back my hard earned feelings of unwarranted superiority.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

How could I forget!?

And we watched Margaret Cho for two hours! Hilarity!
She found the winner for most tasteless bumper sticker of the year:
This car was made with tools, not chopsticks.
Lovely huh? Just as (un)impressive as the postcard I saw where I guy had written the following:
Went on a boat tour today. Twenty people on board and I get sat by one autistic and one Down's. I'm a magnet.
Yeah buddy, you're also an asshole.

Blogging is such sweet sorrow.

No more week long absences from blogging. No more I say!
For as much as I enjoy writing at the best of times it's been super hard to muster up the energy and creativity to write the past few days. I guess blogging gets easier with practise but that it's not like riding a bike, to mix pseudo-proverbs. Blogging progress can be completely negated by a simple long weekend away from the keyboard.
Fortunately lots happened today to write about. I started the day by going straight from work to the dentist, expecting hateful drilling noises and dental dams that fly off my face. (True story, snapped off and flew right across the room. Dr. T was less than happy.) Turns out my dentist was feeling kindly/lazy this morning so he only kept me for 10 minutes! Fixed one small depression on one of my eyeteeth and sent me packing, sans lollypop.
My early dental parole also let me have my review in the morning, instead of having to trudge back to work after a minimum of sleep to be picked apart in the afternoon. Surprisingly enough I earned not only an E for Effort but a few gold stars as well! Excellent times, how fun it is to have sunshine blown up one's rear end.
A bus ride home and five hours of sleep later it was time for kitchen conversation with Bri. We discussed my oh so sudden desire to return to university after a three year absence. If I get accepted and can find funding this will be my fourth university, a fact I'm refusing to dwell upon. It's easier to ignore than the fact that after three universities I still have nothing more than a high school diploma, which is probably the cause of me sudden scholastic urges.
I checked out SMU today, since it's the only school in Halifax I haven't been to, and found out that I missed the application deadline for winter by one week. This could be a good thing as courses are probably much easier to sort out when you start in September, and this will also give me almost a year to make sure that this is what I want to do.
Crystal has convinced me to try applying now despite the deadline just so I don't kick myself all January for not applying. Besides, if I don't get accepted I'm only out $40, and if I do I can still put off going until September if I feel I need to.
Complicating things further (although not really as I'm kind of disinterested) is that at the end of my review it was hinted that a promotion could, could be coming my way in the new year. I'm not spending too much thought on this though as I'm becoming more and more certain that this isn't the industry I want to work in for the forseeable future. Not that I plan on letting my bosses in on this, just in case.
Hmm, suddenly hoping for many reasons that no managers here are reading my blog. This would be very bad, although an increase in my readership would be appreciated nonetheless.
One last fun experience to relate for today. I got on the bus to come to work and sat directly across the aisle (on one of those bloody aweful busses where the seats face each other) from a girl who looked vaguely familiar. This can be awkward enough when you both are giving that "Do I know you or am I just buzzing?" look, but today was made much worse when this girl called me by name and asked how I was.
I spent the next fifteen minutes locked in a stilted conversation with this girl. I still couldn't tell you who she was for the life of me, but I can tell you that I deserve and Emmy for my performance. I'm absolutely sure she doesn't know that I was completely blanking on her. Once she made mention of my hometown I was home free. There's only so many points of reference you can have when discussing a town of 1300 people.
The day suitably saved I continued on to work to mull over school, work, life, and other irritations. Thank gods I have five days worth of other people's blogs to catch up on or I might have to actually do some serious self examination.
I'll have to send the people at a nice card, or maybe a flower.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Oh god, my hiatus hernia.

In theory the whole point of taking a vacation, even a mini one, is to relax. This was my goal at the start of this past weekend, and to some extent is one I achieved. The only problem is that I relaxed too much. After five days of complete inactivity I have no ambition to do anything, and no patience with those who want to make me do things.
The timing of this lethargy couldn't be more inconvenient. Currently I'm facing seven days of work, a dentist appointment sure to feature loads of drilling and scraping, an employee review, and the daily pressures of coexisting with other human beings. Add to this mix my ongoing non-smoking binge and my apparently unbeatable cold and I'm in a swell state.
Tomorrow's employee review is particularly laughable. Of all times to have my performance reviewed. No chance of getting five stars, two thumbs up, or a smiley face sticker. Not even an e for effort today.
Ugh, too much dreary hate and death, emotionally speaking. Strange how five days of nothing turns into too much information to write about in one blog. So here's to tomorrow where I'll have only one day's idiocy to recount.