Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Happy Hiatus!

Or happy end of a happy hiatus, whichever you prefer.
Nothing really earth shattering happened to inspire this blog, I just figured that if I left blogging any longer I'd lose the last of my faithful readers. And when you only start with one or two, you really can't afford to lose that many.
Lots of change in the new year so far. Changed some of my personal habits, which shall remain nameless, but have resulted in my losing a pound or two, so hooray for my belt. Lots of change at work, the most un-fun of which is my co-worker and best hick homey Crys has moved away. This would bring lots more sadness if she had moved any great distance. Fortunately she's only in Liverpool, which is an entertaining and bewildering destination at the best of times.
On the home front things are well. Bri and I haven't seen much of each other, but when we have it's been high quality fun as always. We watched a documentary on Amish people today, which sounds less than fun until I bring up the Amish drug dealers that got busted in the film. Yes, Amish drug dealers. Crystal Meth dealers in fact.
Apparently it happens. Who knew?
Big J and the Hell Hounds are excellent, as always. Well, mainly Big J is excellent, the hounds are cute but misbehaved as usual. Since I'm the only one with the heart, or lack thereof, to discipline them, I've earned myself the nickname of Corporal Punishment. Which would almost sound sexy, if it weren't in relation to pet puppies.
Big plans with the Big J this week include going to see Steve Zissou, and a miraculous second Friday night out in a row! This never happens, so I can only assume it will be fun. I really have no prior evidence to base this on, but can't imagine any night out being a bust. Last Friday brought a high degree of hilarity, cheesy dance music, and only a small hangover.
So here's to a successful reenactment, especially of the last part.