Thursday, September 30, 2004

Some news is good news

I love picking up the newspaper and being treated to good news for a change. Like today, when it's being reported that Russia is going to ratify the Kyoto Accords. I don't care if you're bored by the news or by politics, this is COOL.
Literally, as it means we can look forward to a lot less global warming. Sure the world's biggest polluter (our esteemed neighbours to the south) still refuse to sign, but so what? It's looking more and more like they enjoy being on the wrong side of the issues. If they want to keep isolating themselves and alienating the rest of us, that's just peachy keen jelly bean.
Besides, how cool and liberal does Canada look by comparison? Even my endearingly backward province has just legalized gay marriage. How's your progressive? As far as I'm concerned America can just keep on making us look better and better. (Because we are.)
Today's been a pretty nice day overall, even good world news aside. On the smaller scale, I got about 7 hours of sleep, followed by a fresh batch of groceries. Grocery shopping is a detestable chore but the end result is definitely worth the hassle. Especially when it includes 2 bite brownies that I'm sure are good for me emotionally, if not physically.
After supper I finally got to indulge myself in a little Joey time, which had been greatly missed during my week long quarantine. This would have been more enjoyable had it been just the two of us, but we had choice company in the form of Melissa. Of all Joey's friends, she is not only the least vile but also the most excellent. (With the possible exception of Christina, who is in a special category all her own.) Much bonding took place in the way of school reminiscing and ex-prof bashing. Also I was presented with the rare opportunity to offer valid relationship advise, and observe the immediate after effects.
I'm pleased to say both parties are doing very well. My advise was actually given off the cuff in that I didn't even realize I was giving it, merely making an observation. Still I was rewarded with a nice thank you afterwards. As I said, Melissa is choice company.
Joey-time was lovely, although it will undoubtedly be better once I am rested and fully recovered. Making my day all the better is the fact that rest and relaxation is only five hours away. A five day weekend should be the perfect cure all.
Going home to visit Ma and Pa is an option for at least two of these days, but not one that I think I'll take. After being ill for so long travel is probably not a good idea. Sleeping and vegging, then repeating, sounds like a much better plan. Besides, I need some love and affection, and not the kind you get from a visit to your parents.
I hate to finish off with a piece of bad news, but something worse than Trading Spouces has happened to television. I learned today that Golden Girls, the comedic staple that first introduced me to the word slut at the tender age of 12, has been taken off Prime and replaced with vapid Hollywood entertainment blather. The idiot box has just gotten a whole lot more so, another sign that tv is a medium on it's last legs. Our only hope rests in quality blogs that can inform and educate todays youth of the glories of television past.
Picture it, Sicily, 1992...
No wait, I guess I can't.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hey hey grey day...

Today was grey in every sense of the word. It was rainy, cloudy, and nothing exciting (good or bad) really happened. Days like this are best spent in bed, which I finally got to do for 8 solid hours. I've decided that sleep is the best tactic in my ongoing war with my cold. One more day spent in the company of my pillow may actually make me feel human again.
Bri was most grey today too, which always brings me down a bit. Crys on the other hand was uncharacteristically sunny. Perhaps her weather/mood ratio works in reverse? Whatever the reason I'm glad she's coming out of her funk.
Aside from sleep very little was accomplished by me today. Haley called shortly after I awoke (about 6pm) and invited me over for company and cheezy comedy. Grey-ness was subsequently replaced by Family Guy and a sort of dream sequence glow, for a short while. Spent early evening in pleasant mellowness and returned home to Bri and reality tv of appalingly bad quality.
Television has really reached the latest in a long series of new lows, this time in the form of "Trading Spouses". Not only does this program offer up some of the most unappealing specimens of middle America, but it also dares to bastardize the name of one of television's greatest triumps.
Ah the loveliness that is Paige Davis and co.
Soon after Amanda arrived to rescue me from the horrors of r.t.v. and we ventured forth to work together. The walk gave me (lots) of time to reflect on the day's major accomplishments:
1. Slept tonnes.
2. Broke umbrella beyond repair.
-End of List-
Highly unproductive day, which I will blame entirely on general grey-ness. Absolutely uninspiring. Also there was a total lack of Joey today, as he had been co-opted by his tiny friend before I even got out of bed. Bright spot on the horizon for today: New plan to kidnap Joey for much of this coming weekend. Undoubtedly that most colourful cat will purge my world of grey in record time.
Until then, I'm monochromatically yours,

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

An apple a day keeps scurvy at bay...

I took yesterday off work due to being ridiculously tired and sick. Went to bed about 1:30am (which is crazy early for me), intending to sleep until noon or six pm or some deliciously late hour.
Absolutely no luck on this front as Mrs. Kettle called at 9am to say the whole fam was in town. Ungodly. Surprise visits (or not quite surprise but with little notice) are excellent, but only when they occur at reasonable times. 9am is not a reasonable time for man or beast. (or at least not for this man/beast)
As a result I am still mildly unwell and unable to pen my new self-help book "Snoozing your way to better health and personal satisfaction". Very upset about this as it is surely a best seller waiting to happen.
Instead, I piled into the van with the rest of the fam and retreated to a semi-great veggie restaurant downtown. Ended up paying for meal for six out of my own pocket out of possibly misguided desire to feel like a saint child. Worked somewhat although I would feel much better about the situation if my cc hadn't declined. (Hateful Visa. Feel like reenacting last scenes of Fight Club. If unsure, watch immediately.) Entire dining experience has been further tainted by resulting intestinal distress. Tarted-up month old tofu is undoubtedly to blame.
Next onto the mall for capitalist society therapy. Against all better judgment SisterGirl and I ended our self-enforced ban on the Sears Outlet Store. Found no good buys as everything in store was infected with pleats. I've finally figured out where all the world's pleats fled after 1992. Sears Outlet Store / Pleat Refugee Centre. Arnold Palmer eat my rear.
Many minutes of fruitless shoe searching (so much easier than soul searching. Hmm. Almost willing to explore puns involved in 'sole searching' but not quite) followed by mall related miracle.
Found: 1 pair wicked-ass pants on sale for $19, marked down from $99! Some poor soul attempted to hide them behind ugly shirts for later purchase, but now they are all mine. I am entirely convinced that I can conquer the world in these pants. (Note: start on this plan as soon as pants are hemmed.) Plus they make my Arnold Palmer dining experience rear look great. Bonuses abound.
But then back to sickness and exhaustion, relieved only by ditching fam and deefing with SisterGirl. An excellent plan, followed by thrown together pita pizzas and lentil soup. The Boy showed in time for soup, bringing one of the Hounds with him. So much fun to have a hound in the house. As long as it's one that doesn't pee every time it sees me. That's understandably less fun. Yo quiero chihuahuas that don't piss on me constantly.
Supper and social hour was followed by a brief nap made all the better by the humidifier that is attempting to cure my cold. Waking up in a room that's hot and steamy and rain-forestesque while knowing on a deeper level that it's fall and crisp-y outside is oddly satisfying.
Unfortunately a 45 minute nap followed by an 8 hour night shift is not satisfying. It's mentally exhausting and results in rambling blogs entries containing little insight and no point.
For occasionally more comprehensible blogs, see
SisterGirl's Blog or Rural Chic's Blog.
Here's wishing you all health, wealth, and un-expired tofu products.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Judgement(al) Day

Apparently the end is nigh (sp?), which is very inconvenient since I've just started my new blog.
It's Judgement(al) Day, and everyone is joining in the fun!
Like the pizza delivery man, who after knowing me for five seconds, told me I need to learn to relax. (Granted I was threatening to do violence to drunk loiterers outside, but that's hardly the point here.)
The point, for those who missed it (they come quick around here and don't stay for long. Pay attention now!) is: How does one offer lifestyle advise after five seconds? Even Dr. Phil waits until after the first commercial. Perhaps if life had commercial breaks (I'm sure somebody is working on this) people would pause and think about these things before opening their mouths. Maybe there's an upside to rampant commercialism after all?
No. Definitely not.
Commercialism bugs me, but not as much as people who dispense with the judgement ad nauseum. Just spoke with The Boy and he has had a similar disturbing run in. One of his more vile friends actually took a cigarette out of his mouth, threw it on the ground, and said something to the effect of "I'm concerned about your smoking habit. It hurts me that you're smoking."
This is something that has to stop. Concern for a friend? Wonderful. Encouraging people to be healthy? Fantastic. Claiming to be hurt by another persons actions that do not affect you in any way (especially since they were outside in the wind at the time) simply because you disapprove of said actions?
Uncool. So very uncool. When was the last time you heard someone say "I'm hurt that you part your hair on the left." or "It hurts me that you don't floss."? (If anybody has actually heard these examples said with any degree of seriousness, please take appropriate action immediately.)
I should beg and plead for people to stop judging before it's too late, but then I would have to go back and delete the majority of this blog. Seeing as it's almost five in the morning and I'm quickly running out of steam (see venom.), I don't think I'll bother.
Judgement(al) Day has definitely arrived. I hope you're all wearing clean underwear.