Saturday, August 11, 2007


Wow. Okay, currently in Halifax airport at Gate 15, alone. Slept for 2 hours, must stay awake on the Halifax-Toronto flight and then really must sleep on the Toronto-Vancouver trip. So tired, hoping to get my sleep schedule turned around and not get jet lagged as I have to start teaching on Monday. No idea how to teach Korean kids to speak English as of yet, really hoping they aren't expecting me to show up with a lesson plan. Just showing up awake and alert will be a huge victory.

Saying goodbye to Mark and Bri and Mom and Dad wasn't as hard as I'd expected, probably because I've spent the better part of the past two weeks saying my goodbyes to them. That and I'm exhausted, so I'm probably not capable of big emotional displays right now.

I'm feeling a little excited today, now that it's all finally happening and I'm done saying goodbye to everyone. I'm sure it'll hit me later that I won't see my family or my boyfriend for a year and then I'll be a bit of a basket case. For now thought I'm just going to focus on getting to Seoul and finding my luggage and an escort from the school waiting for me. If these things happen, that will be a huge relief.

Time to board.

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